An Average Footprint
Version 0.2
Hand Drawn
2 ft x 3 ft (standard poster size)

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The ecological footprint of an average American, and what an average American can do to change their own impact.
Shows water use, chemical use, greenhouse gases, ecosystem decimation, and soil depletion, and their causes, and what basic things an average American can do to make lifestyle and consumption choices.
The information is laid out using sankey diagrams such as this one. The goal will be to make it all flowing nicely, with water showing as streams, energy use as roads, heat, and power lines, and greenhouse gases as smoke.
While much of the research has been done, and a conceptual drawing has been made, the goal is to collaborate with an illustrator and graphic designer in creating a poster, as well as a web designer/developer to create a website around the graphic.
People will buy posters in advance of them being made on a kickstarter, and the poster will be sold on an ongoing basis. The poster and website will be updated every couple years to reflect changes in the data, and have a "current" version people can purchase.